Our mission is to deliver expert energy consulting to increase energy savings, efficiency, and management to reduce the energy footprint and create high-quality sustainable energy solutions for every size consumer.
DawnCorp and our key partnerships provide the most comprehensive set of technologies and solutions available, all in a total turnkey and financeable package. 
We consult with commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and non-profit businesses to reduce their operating expenses while improving their efficiency and sustainability.
DawnCorp is an energy consulting firm operating from Northeast Ohio. DawnCorp consults with commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and non‐profit businesses in reducing their operating expenses while improving efficiency and sustainability for the clients we represent around the country.
Providing service in every deregulated markets
Since 2013 DawnCorp has successfully provided comprehensive‐solutions‐based consulting, saving our clients an average of 20% on their utility budgets. Our team has the best in class services offering a customized approach to their energy needs. Our relationships give access to the nation's top tiered retail energy suppliers through various platforms including but not limited to reverse auction, double bid process and managed plans.
We provide innovative consultation for clients that want to improve their energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions. We specialize in energy efficient technologies and turnkey project management including but not limited to building automation, metering systems, electrical contracting, preventative maintenance and lighting upgrades, creating streamlined project management. We will work with utilities to maximize rebate incentives where applicable. Our manufacturer direct relationships lead to sub retail pricing and the ability to finance projects from the realized savings.

Dawn M. Paytosh 

Dawn has been working in the deregulated energy market since 2009. Her previous experience includes recruiting, training and managing large direct sales teams for a multi-state energy supplier. Dawns energy-industry knowledge and ability to create innovative solutions with passion and integrity in this rapidly growing industry paved the way to DawnCorp where, “it’s a new day in energy!”
Dawn is a native Clevelander, fluent in sign language and supports St. Augustine’s of Cleveland for the deaf and disabled and Big Brothers ​Big Sisters of Cleveland.

Sherilynne Grecol 
Office Administrator/ Assistant

Provides administrative support for the sales teams and HR while streamlining operations and information disseminated between services.
Sherilynne is a proud Clevelander, firefighter wife , mom of three and on the board of Embers of Hope, a local charity that provides humanitarian relief. 
Invoice Audits
Not everyone is perfect, utilities and suppliers can make billing errors. As a client you will receive complimentary invoice audits. If we find errors,
our team can file for corrections and get you a refund check. 
Energy Procurement
Utilize our procurement experience to ensure you are securing the best possible price for your Natural Gas and Electricity. Purchasing at the right rate with the right contractural structure is the single most important way to optimize savings.
Energy Reduction
Our team of experts provides innovative consultation for clients that want to improve their energy efficiency and save money. We specialize in energy efficient technology and consulting services. Our team of LEED certified consultants are dedicated to fostering close relationships with our clients to quickly meet their needs. 
Electrical Contracting
Partnered with a full service Industrial and Commercial Electric Contractor servicing Northeastern Ohio. Our tradespeople are highly experienced, well trained professionals that will get the job done- and done right.

Our finance team finds creative options for the clients we represent, Whether its solar panels or lighting upgrades in most cases we will finance the project right out of your savings.  


With our DawnCorp Cares program every kilowatt hour used will help a charity of your choice.

By choosing DawnCorp as your electricity and/ or natural gas consultant not only do you save money for your business but customers can also participate in the DawnCorp Cares Program and contribute to a charitable cause of your choice. DawnCorp strives to enhance local charitable programs by redirecting a portion of the money spent on electricity and natural gas back into the communities which it derived.

DawnCorp offers commercial, industrial, and institutional customers the opportunity to allocate a portion of each bill to a nonprofit organization. DawnCorp makes the donation directly to the charity in the customerʼs name so that they receive full recognition for their contribution.
​DawnCorp Appr​eciation Day 2016
Thanks to all of you that helped make it special!
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